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Stop squeezing the cats head!

Posted: October 1, 2010 in me
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The kids refuse to quit squeezing the cat’s head this morning, and it’s not our nice docile cat either, it’s the mean black one. The one that hisses at me when I try to pet it, evil devil spawn. Does she even know that it’s October? Not a good month to make the momma mad, you don’t want to be roaming streets now, black kitty. I wouldn’t do that of course, I’m sure if small children squeezed my head all morning I’d be plenty annoyed too. I’m just glad it’s never showed aggression to the kids. Seriously, though my sister who loves cats may wake up to a new one some morning, things are heading that way. I’ll admit I’m a little moody today, for many reasons. One, I’m menstrual which always stinks, and that was probably way too much info. It’s weird because this is a week early for me, but I’m very bioinfluenced. I read about three tweeters starting their cycles yesterday, and I’m pretty sure that has something to do with it. Two, my recent post at hubpages on small things you can do to save the enviroment got 1 useful and 1 funny. Funny? So I’m thinking either someone who thinks the enviroment isn’t an issue thinks me writing about this subject is funny. Or, and this worse, an enviromentalist thinks the small things I’m suggesting aren’t enough. I admit I’m not the best at always doing what’s enviromentally friendly, I even state that in the hub. I know something like a funny on what I thought was a straight forward post shouldn’t bother me but it kinda does anyway. Oh well, this too shall pass- I know that in my heart only the best intentions were at play. laptop’s broken. This is an old song, I’m sure facebook and Twitter are sick of by now. It still bothers me. I’m not able to write everyday like I’d like to. It leaves me with all sorts of unresolved notions I’d love to hash out by writing about them. I’m writing this post on the wordpress app on my teeny iPod touch. Very handy since my husband’s work computer is being used all day by him for work. (silly man) 4. I’m beginning to sound all whiny which really really annoys me. Someone should seriously do something about that please, thanks, Lydia
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