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My theme is “You’d be home by now”, I’m following the theme as much as possible but through my ideas of what that can mean. The turtle was included because he carries his home with him, and I’m the same I think. I don’t really need a base from which to live because I live inside of myself.

 This hopefully explains the heart below. It’s also a take on “home is where the heart is” 


I wrote a part of one of my favorite Emily Dickinson poems out beside it. My notebook will probablly end up being very random, I’m very random myself after all.

This is another take on home is where your heart is- it says where ever those that I love are, there my home is also.

My last image was done as a doodle, it really wasn’t connected to this project and it was actually included in the doodle challenge, but it’s very much a part of me a part of stuff I process through my head. I have a love for broken things. I keep hold of broken china cups and tiles, waiting for the day I can mosiac them all together. Wall surfaces too, are more interesting when paint is peeling or bricks underneath become exposed. I was thinking of this one day and this thought occured to me which I treasure as part of my life philosophy. ” Beauty is still beauty when broken, it is simply beauty in another form.” I really believe that, I feel sometimes people go through stuff and they need to hear that too. It’s probably just me being weird but I went ahead and included something I sketched up while thinking about this one day. Its part of me, part of my home if that makes sense?

I’ve added other things to my sketchbook that arent here yet but I’ll post them as I finish them .


Why I blog & happiness

Posted: October 20, 2010 in me
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Do you ever have one of those days where you were writing a blog post in your head all day long? I have them often- only to lose it all once I get the chance to jot it all down. I should take notes but I never have, except where it came to poetic-like jabings. My head is my blog, what spills over, what’s left over, goes here. It goes here because I need the space. It goes here because my friends on facebook were getting tired(I’m assuming) of seeing their timeline filled with my “notes”, and I was tired of avoiding eye contact after a little too much sharing.

Today was my daughter’s third birthday-and all day long I wrote a blog in my head, now I’m just too happy to share it all, it needs time to set. I’m happy tonight for so many reasons. I’m waiting for my happy to calm down so I can sleep.

First and foremost, my baby is three now! That’s a bittersweet happy. It swells and breaks my heart at the same time. 3 is a magic number, especially for birthdays it seems. They are old enough to realize it’s their birthday but still young enough to think it’s everyone else’s birthday too. Those moments when she said happy birthday back to whoever wished her a happy birthday first? Those moments never got old. The moments she stopped whatever she was doing to hug me as tight as her little still baby- soft arms could, they were precious.

I’m happy for other reasons too, maybe less meaningful but still important reasons. My sketchbook project notebook came in the mail today. This happened on the same day my doodle got put into the doodle challenge. Both these things are big for me. I’ve been trying to become more connected with others like me. Blogs make me feel like I’ve gained acess to the world of writers. I don’t need to be the best blogger, merely being a part of the community is huge for me. The sketchbook project and the doodle challenge help me feel connected to another part of myself, the artist within. What I said about the blogging world applies here as well, and another thing. Connecting with people who do the things I like to do, inspire me, you fuel me. I’m like a creativity vampire but not undead( although if I don’t start getting more sleep soon!) Anyway, I’m happy- I’m thankful…just saying that would’ve probably made this blog alot shorter. If you read this blog skip to the bottom next time if you’re time-limited. And thank you.

The woman who wore a neck scarf

Posted: October 17, 2010 in artwork
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Dear lady, why did you give up your fine head? Was he really worth it? Does he appreciate what he cost you- he of little faith in you and accusations…as you stood there before him and he asked you once again to untie your scarf. Couldn’t he see your tears that man you loved? The man you loved enough to obey and untie your scarf for, the man you loved watching as your head fell off your neck-as it hit your shoulders- as it thud against the floor- as it rolled so far away. Dear one, was he worth losing your head, losing your life for?