No Poo, an update

Posted: October 21, 2010 in home life, no poo experiment

Eeech reading that title brings to mind several older family members and how they like to update me on lots of subjects pertaining to them that I really don’t want to know. That’s not what this update is about! This is actually my third post on my ongoing no poo(shampoo) challenge. It’s not a contest or anything, but I’m dubbing it a challenge because it has been so far. Here is my first post about no poo and my second, just in case you’re interested.

No poo is not going great for me I’ve got to admit. My hair? My hair is all kinds of yucky right now. The only positive change in it compared to how it was earlier this week, is that it’s no longer itchy. It is however sticky, as in parts of my hair are sticking to other parts of my hair. When I brush it I’m getting whitish residue on my brush, I’m not sure if this is due to the baking soda alone or the combination of the baking soda and my hard water.

Reading up on this it seems like hard water can cause problems with the no poo regime. I also found out that boiling the water before adding it to the baking soda may help with this. There’s another goof on my part that may be causing my issues. (Hair issues, causes to all other issues are still to be determined.)

I’ve been using the baking soda/apple cider vinegar way too often. Up to this point I’ve been using the baking soda/avc every day. Apparently the baking soda is used to strip the hair of oils, so by  using it every day I’m causing my hair to create more oils than necessary.

This is entirely my own doing. Crunchy Betty herself said to do the treatment 2 to 3 times a week with only water rinse in between. I heard that but I also saw that her hair was prone to be dry and thin, my hair prone to be thick and oily should probably need more treatments, right? Wrong, apparently. I didn’t use the treatment today, I just had a water rinse. My hair’s yucky as I said but I’m allowing it the time to calm down from my bad treatment of it this past week.

I will most probably water rinse it again tomorrow and then use the treatment again on the following day. I’m really hoping the hair fairies choose to be kind soon. I have a birthday party to go to and I don’t wear hats well. I wore a baseball hat to Wal-Mart the other day and could swear that everyone could tell what was going on under my hat. It was probably just me being my overly no hat wearing, awkward self. That and the fact that I was giving everybody crazy eyes ” What?” stares…yea that may have been it. The saga continues.

P.S–my next experiment? Might just be homemade all natural deodorant, I’m letting my husband get over my hair shock before trying this one out.

Why I blog & happiness

Posted: October 20, 2010 in me
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Do you ever have one of those days where you were writing a blog post in your head all day long? I have them often- only to lose it all once I get the chance to jot it all down. I should take notes but I never have, except where it came to poetic-like jabings. My head is my blog, what spills over, what’s left over, goes here. It goes here because I need the space. It goes here because my friends on facebook were getting tired(I’m assuming) of seeing their timeline filled with my “notes”, and I was tired of avoiding eye contact after a little too much sharing.

Today was my daughter’s third birthday-and all day long I wrote a blog in my head, now I’m just too happy to share it all, it needs time to set. I’m happy tonight for so many reasons. I’m waiting for my happy to calm down so I can sleep.

First and foremost, my baby is three now! That’s a bittersweet happy. It swells and breaks my heart at the same time. 3 is a magic number, especially for birthdays it seems. They are old enough to realize it’s their birthday but still young enough to think it’s everyone else’s birthday too. Those moments when she said happy birthday back to whoever wished her a happy birthday first? Those moments never got old. The moments she stopped whatever she was doing to hug me as tight as her little still baby- soft arms could, they were precious.

I’m happy for other reasons too, maybe less meaningful but still important reasons. My sketchbook project notebook came in the mail today. This happened on the same day my doodle got put into the doodle challenge. Both these things are big for me. I’ve been trying to become more connected with others like me. Blogs make me feel like I’ve gained acess to the world of writers. I don’t need to be the best blogger, merely being a part of the community is huge for me. The sketchbook project and the doodle challenge help me feel connected to another part of myself, the artist within. What I said about the blogging world applies here as well, and another thing. Connecting with people who do the things I like to do, inspire me, you fuel me. I’m like a creativity vampire but not undead( although if I don’t start getting more sleep soon!) Anyway, I’m happy- I’m thankful…just saying that would’ve probably made this blog alot shorter. If you read this blog skip to the bottom next time if you’re time-limited. And thank you.

The woman who wore a neck scarf

Posted: October 17, 2010 in artwork
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Dear lady, why did you give up your fine head? Was he really worth it? Does he appreciate what he cost you- he of little faith in you and accusations…as you stood there before him and he asked you once again to untie your scarf. Couldn’t he see your tears that man you loved? The man you loved enough to obey and untie your scarf for, the man you loved watching as your head fell off your neck-as it hit your shoulders- as it thud against the floor- as it rolled so far away. Dear one, was he worth losing your head, losing your life for?

Ok I tried the no poo baking soda, apple vinegar rinse this morning for the first time. This brings to mind what it was like buying the ingredients for my no poo experience.
Yesterday my husband and I went grocery shopping and I picked out the biggest sized container of baking soda and apple vinegar available. The apple vinegar gave my husband pause(it’s honestly a huge jug of apple vinegar) he said,”What the heck is That for?” “my hair,”I answered, avoiding eye contact. “What do you mean Your Hair?!!” “um, I told you I’m doing the no poo experiment, instead of shampoo you use baking soda and apple cider.” He stared at me for a minute before huffing off and muttering,”Yuck,your hair is gonna stink.” “Dont be absurd, you wash it out with water it doesn’t sit in your hair all day.”I called after him all rightously. But honestly? I started to feel just a little worried- was I gonna walk around smelling like salad dressing?!!

Also? I’m a dufus, it’s supposed to be 1Tbsp baking soda & 1 cup water instead of shampoo, 2Tbsp apple vinegar to 1-2cups water in place of conditioner(I did the 2cups.) I got the order wrong in my last post, but I luckily double checked it at the last minute. Then I had a quick shower with modified soda bottles-that was at 9 this morning. And then I let my hair air dry. If you saw my hair in the first picture I took, then you’ll get that my hair takes a long time to dry. It would probably take less time if I left it down but then it’d be in my way- so up in a pencil held bun it went. It’s 3 now and semi dry so I’ve brushed it out. My first reaction? My hair feels a little oily. It looks slightly cartoonish in the mirror; as in not flowy. I’m wearing a heavy paint cloud on my head. Sigh. But I hear it’s bad before it gets better, so I’m hopeful. Back in a bun it goes…

Thursday Recycled Art Day

Posted: October 15, 2010 in crafts, kids, me

I was really silly for coining this Thursday Recycled Art day, I’m beginning to see. We do our craft project sometime during the week- its not always on a Thursday. This week it was actually on Monday, which makes the fact that I’m posting this so late sound really bad. I’ve been distracted. There’s this thing called The Sketchbook project, it’s run by the  Brooklyn Art Library and I’ve barely now heard about it. What the sketchbook project does is allow anyone to participate in filling up a notebook  that they send to you with drawings and such  based on the theme that you pick. The sketchbooks  then tour around the country, thousands of them are exhibited at galleries and museums. The fee to join is $25 and the deadline to join is October 31st. My theme is “You’d be home already.” I was auctually on  Katie Wall’s blog and she led me to it. Don’t you just love blogs? Anyway, the sketchbook project is right up my alley and as soon as I read about it I had to be a part of it. It was 6am when I read the post and I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do it, I was so anxious to click the button and have the materials sent to me I could’ve cried. But I waited til I heard my husband stirring and practically pounced on him about it. Then of course I had to re-explain,wait for him to fully wake up, show him the site and then he said yes, which absolutely made my week. Now I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of the notebook so that I can begin. A little about our art project this week below-


Sometimes my kids dont feel up to doing the project I’ve thought up for us. And that’s ok. The purpose of our projects is not “perfection” , the purpose is for my children to feel they have a free enviroment in which to create. So when I suggested that we use an old Ramen noodle box(please don’t judge but, sometimes my husband and I stay up all night and eat Ramen noodles), paint it blue and make an ocean diorama, Cat wasn’t feeling it. Really? because we could paint it blue then make fish and hang them from the top of the box-it’d look like they were swimming! Cat,”Nah, fish are kinda boring and that looks like a house…can I paint the roof blue? ” And I consented, and when I asked if she wanted to make people or animals to go inside her house?She asked if she could draw the ICarly cast. So there you go, feautured above is an Icarly house complete with Carly, Freddie and Sam. We glued the finished characters onto toliet paper rolls so they could stand up better. Next? She’s wanting to make a house for Pucca and her friends, because apparently, ninjas and the Icarly cast cannot share a house, they just can’t! You learn something new everyday.(And honestly, the fish things been done before, but an Icarly tissue roll and Ramen noodle box set? Quite possibly, not.)  🙂

So, I’ve decided to try this no poo thing. No, not that kind of poo- that would more then likely be really unhealthy. No poo means no shampoo- (if this works)ever again. I got the idea for this at crunchy betty’s blog:  Here’s the thing you rinse your hair with an apple -cider vinegar and water mixture instead of shampoo. You condition with baking soda in paste form. And I thought, why not? My hair is way too long, but besides that it gets oily really quickly. As an example though I washed my hair last night, this morning it’s already starting to feel kinda oily. I wash my hair every other day but I could easily do that once a day, because by the next day? Oily hair city, baby, without fail. I hate it. I’ve never found a shampoo that dint feel like it was stripping all my essential oils. Supposedly, shampoo is bad for your hair. So I’m trying this out- I don’t have too much too lose- if it drives me crazy, I’m walking away,the end. But as crunchy Betty says, most days my hair is in a ponytail anyway. And I could probably wear a hat if I had to. Anyway. So, yea- we’ll see how this goes-eeeek.