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It’s embarrassing that I’m not sure when exactly I started the no poo method. It’s even more embarrassing because I’ve documented it, I just need to go back and check  before I update this post. I’ll get to it, I promise. I share computer time and I’m most likely about to be bumped off at any moment.

My hair has been great for the past couple days. It just has-I’m happy about this because I think I’ve exited the horrendous my hair is getting used to no shampoo phase. Good riddance, don’t come back now, ya hear?  Those days of greasy, then too dry, then greasy and stuck together hair are over. I’m likely to keep doing the baking soda/apple cider vinegar thing for good now. I’m toying with getting my daughters started on it now. I mean before they start school would probably be the best time I think. No one’s going to notice that their hair is greasy at the park, it usually get covered with sand as soon as we get there anyway.

What I found out during my no poo experience  is:  

  • Everyone says going no poo is horrible for about two weeks, they are not being overly dramatic, it is horrible.
  • Everyone says once this phase is over you are left with hair that is less greasy or lees dried out and just better–for me at least I can say my hair is way less greasy inbetween washings now then it used to be.
  • My hair does not smell like salad dressing. It doesn’t smell like anything, I’ve had husband smell it repeatedly and he refuses to smell it anymore but trust me he’d be the first to tell me if it smelled bad.

So to recap, I’m happy I tried this, I’ll more then likely be continuing to do the no poo as I’m happy with the results. It’s easy and it’s cheap and those are huge incentives for me. I’m happy to know exactly what is going into my hair, that’s worth the strange look my sister in law gave me when I tried explaining no poo to her. She was really worried about the whole “does your hair smell”  issue but wouldn’t sniff my head. Anyway…go teamnopoo! And check out my earlier posts about my experience if you are interested and check out crunchy betty’s website if you get the chance, because she’s the reason I tried this out to begin with.

No Poo, an update

Posted: October 21, 2010 in home life, no poo experiment

Eeech reading that title brings to mind several older family members and how they like to update me on lots of subjects pertaining to them that I really don’t want to know. That’s not what this update is about! This is actually my third post on my ongoing no poo(shampoo) challenge. It’s not a contest or anything, but I’m dubbing it a challenge because it has been so far. Here is my first post about no poo and my second, just in case you’re interested.

No poo is not going great for me I’ve got to admit. My hair? My hair is all kinds of yucky right now. The only positive change in it compared to how it was earlier this week, is that it’s no longer itchy. It is however sticky, as in parts of my hair are sticking to other parts of my hair. When I brush it I’m getting whitish residue on my brush, I’m not sure if this is due to the baking soda alone or the combination of the baking soda and my hard water.

Reading up on this it seems like hard water can cause problems with the no poo regime. I also found out that boiling the water before adding it to the baking soda may help with this. There’s another goof on my part that may be causing my issues. (Hair issues, causes to all other issues are still to be determined.)

I’ve been using the baking soda/apple cider vinegar way too often. Up to this point I’ve been using the baking soda/avc every day. Apparently the baking soda is used to strip the hair of oils, so by  using it every day I’m causing my hair to create more oils than necessary.

This is entirely my own doing. Crunchy Betty herself said to do the treatment 2 to 3 times a week with only water rinse in between. I heard that but I also saw that her hair was prone to be dry and thin, my hair prone to be thick and oily should probably need more treatments, right? Wrong, apparently. I didn’t use the treatment today, I just had a water rinse. My hair’s yucky as I said but I’m allowing it the time to calm down from my bad treatment of it this past week.

I will most probably water rinse it again tomorrow and then use the treatment again on the following day. I’m really hoping the hair fairies choose to be kind soon. I have a birthday party to go to and I don’t wear hats well. I wore a baseball hat to Wal-Mart the other day and could swear that everyone could tell what was going on under my hat. It was probably just me being my overly no hat wearing, awkward self. That and the fact that I was giving everybody crazy eyes ” What?” stares…yea that may have been it. The saga continues.

P.S–my next experiment? Might just be homemade all natural deodorant, I’m letting my husband get over my hair shock before trying this one out.

Ok I tried the no poo baking soda, apple vinegar rinse this morning for the first time. This brings to mind what it was like buying the ingredients for my no poo experience.
Yesterday my husband and I went grocery shopping and I picked out the biggest sized container of baking soda and apple vinegar available. The apple vinegar gave my husband pause(it’s honestly a huge jug of apple vinegar) he said,”What the heck is That for?” “my hair,”I answered, avoiding eye contact. “What do you mean Your Hair?!!” “um, I told you I’m doing the no poo experiment, instead of shampoo you use baking soda and apple cider.” He stared at me for a minute before huffing off and muttering,”Yuck,your hair is gonna stink.” “Dont be absurd, you wash it out with water it doesn’t sit in your hair all day.”I called after him all rightously. But honestly? I started to feel just a little worried- was I gonna walk around smelling like salad dressing?!!

Also? I’m a dufus, it’s supposed to be 1Tbsp baking soda & 1 cup water instead of shampoo, 2Tbsp apple vinegar to 1-2cups water in place of conditioner(I did the 2cups.) I got the order wrong in my last post, but I luckily double checked it at the last minute. Then I had a quick shower with modified soda bottles-that was at 9 this morning. And then I let my hair air dry. If you saw my hair in the first picture I took, then you’ll get that my hair takes a long time to dry. It would probably take less time if I left it down but then it’d be in my way- so up in a pencil held bun it went. It’s 3 now and semi dry so I’ve brushed it out. My first reaction? My hair feels a little oily. It looks slightly cartoonish in the mirror; as in not flowy. I’m wearing a heavy paint cloud on my head. Sigh. But I hear it’s bad before it gets better, so I’m hopeful. Back in a bun it goes…

So, I’ve decided to try this no poo thing. No, not that kind of poo- that would more then likely be really unhealthy. No poo means no shampoo- (if this works)ever again. I got the idea for this at crunchy betty’s blog:  Here’s the thing you rinse your hair with an apple -cider vinegar and water mixture instead of shampoo. You condition with baking soda in paste form. And I thought, why not? My hair is way too long, but besides that it gets oily really quickly. As an example though I washed my hair last night, this morning it’s already starting to feel kinda oily. I wash my hair every other day but I could easily do that once a day, because by the next day? Oily hair city, baby, without fail. I hate it. I’ve never found a shampoo that dint feel like it was stripping all my essential oils. Supposedly, shampoo is bad for your hair. So I’m trying this out- I don’t have too much too lose- if it drives me crazy, I’m walking away,the end. But as crunchy Betty says, most days my hair is in a ponytail anyway. And I could probably wear a hat if I had to. Anyway. So, yea- we’ll see how this goes-eeeek.