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Hi, I’m a mother to two daughters with an artist husband from England. I’ve always wanted to try blogging, but I’m definately learning as I go. I’ve been writing at hubpages but I wanted somewhere for my more bloggish musings. I also design coloring sheets and crafts for my website: .Why did I start blogging? It’s a long answer, here’s the condensed version. It all started with my website, . It was my husband’s christmas present to me. What kind of present is a website? What kind of husband gives a web site as a present? Exactly. Coloringpagespot was my brain child. I had been drawing coloring sheets since junior high and then printing off copies of them to give to people. When I had children I picked up the habit with more vigor. When I started to teach Sunday school, I’d go online to find coloring sheets to go with the lesson and very often be disappointed. The well known stories were all represented, but the lesser known stories were badly neglected. I started drawing coloring sheets and bible verse puzzles for my class but at the back of my mind I was bothered. If I was looking for these coloring sheets, maybe others were as well. I pitched the idea to my husband and he thought it was something we should look into. I thought he had decided against it, when he presented me the website.

Traffic to the site wasn’t great. My husband had other websites and he knew a little about SEO but was still learning. He found hubpages and said I should look into writing hubs to drive traffic to the site. I’ve always liked writing but with two small children-it wasn’t something I wanted to spend time on. He chuckled when he was looking at my facebook profile one day and I asked him to please explain. “Nothing it’s just that your practically writing hubs in your notes already. A little tweaking and your note on raising butterflies ,for example, is a hub” he said.

“Really?” My interest was piqued. And I’ve now enjoyed writing at for two months now. Here lately I noticed my posts were getting kinda…well bloggy. It had to do with Twitter. I’ve always put my spin on things but I was tweeting with alot of mommy bloggers on twitter and it was affecting my work. Also I felt like a fraud. I was accepted as a blogger but I didn’t really feel like one. My next step was of course this blog. And I guess we’ll see where it goes from there. I have big hopes for this experience, thanks for reading.

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