No poo, my first time

Posted: October 17, 2010 in no poo experiment, Uncategorized
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Ok I tried the no poo baking soda, apple vinegar rinse this morning for the first time. This brings to mind what it was like buying the ingredients for my no poo experience.
Yesterday my husband and I went grocery shopping and I picked out the biggest sized container of baking soda and apple vinegar available. The apple vinegar gave my husband pause(it’s honestly a huge jug of apple vinegar) he said,”What the heck is That for?” “my hair,”I answered, avoiding eye contact. “What do you mean Your Hair?!!” “um, I told you I’m doing the no poo experiment, instead of shampoo you use baking soda and apple cider.” He stared at me for a minute before huffing off and muttering,”Yuck,your hair is gonna stink.” “Dont be absurd, you wash it out with water it doesn’t sit in your hair all day.”I called after him all rightously. But honestly? I started to feel just a little worried- was I gonna walk around smelling like salad dressing?!!

Also? I’m a dufus, it’s supposed to be 1Tbsp baking soda & 1 cup water instead of shampoo, 2Tbsp apple vinegar to 1-2cups water in place of conditioner(I did the 2cups.) I got the order wrong in my last post, but I luckily double checked it at the last minute. Then I had a quick shower with modified soda bottles-that was at 9 this morning. And then I let my hair air dry. If you saw my hair in the first picture I took, then you’ll get that my hair takes a long time to dry. It would probably take less time if I left it down but then it’d be in my way- so up in a pencil held bun it went. It’s 3 now and semi dry so I’ve brushed it out. My first reaction? My hair feels a little oily. It looks slightly cartoonish in the mirror; as in not flowy. I’m wearing a heavy paint cloud on my head. Sigh. But I hear it’s bad before it gets better, so I’m hopeful. Back in a bun it goes…

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  2. Sydney says:

    How is this going for you? I’ve just started the whole ‘no poo’ method today. You can read how my experience was today @ my blog. I’m really hoping this works for me! My hair is oily and frizzy and yuckkk altogether. I’m hoping this makes a difference! I”m just ver4y worried about the transition stage. Are you @ that point yet?

    • squidmom says:

      I’ve just come out at the other end of it! Believe me, it’s not a pretty process, but I think it’s worth it, I’ve loved my hair for the past couple days. Good luck with your no poo experience! I’ll be sure to check in on you.

      • Sydney says:

        I’m pretty upset today about my hair! I just washed it last night with BS and ACV and this morning it was already greasy. Do you think I’m starting the transition process? How long did your transition process last?

      • squidmom says:

        Yes, I do. I’ve heard that sometimes it’s greasy right away and other times it takes two washes to get that way. My transition period was almost two weeks, but the end of those two weeks wasn’t really too bad. Make sure you’re only using the reccommended amount and that you only wash it w the solution 2 to 3 times a week. Do only water rinses in between those two washes. Also don’t get apple cider vinegar on your scalp I did that once on accident and my hair was crazy greasy the next day, good luck!

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