Thursday Recycled Art Day

Posted: October 15, 2010 in crafts, kids, me

I was really silly for coining this Thursday Recycled Art day, I’m beginning to see. We do our craft project sometime during the week- its not always on a Thursday. This week it was actually on Monday, which makes the fact that I’m posting this so late sound really bad. I’ve been distracted. There’s this thing called The Sketchbook project, it’s run by the  Brooklyn Art Library and I’ve barely now heard about it. What the sketchbook project does is allow anyone to participate in filling up a notebook  that they send to you with drawings and such  based on the theme that you pick. The sketchbooks  then tour around the country, thousands of them are exhibited at galleries and museums. The fee to join is $25 and the deadline to join is October 31st. My theme is “You’d be home already.” I was auctually on  Katie Wall’s blog and she led me to it. Don’t you just love blogs? Anyway, the sketchbook project is right up my alley and as soon as I read about it I had to be a part of it. It was 6am when I read the post and I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do it, I was so anxious to click the button and have the materials sent to me I could’ve cried. But I waited til I heard my husband stirring and practically pounced on him about it. Then of course I had to re-explain,wait for him to fully wake up, show him the site and then he said yes, which absolutely made my week. Now I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of the notebook so that I can begin. A little about our art project this week below-


Sometimes my kids dont feel up to doing the project I’ve thought up for us. And that’s ok. The purpose of our projects is not “perfection” , the purpose is for my children to feel they have a free enviroment in which to create. So when I suggested that we use an old Ramen noodle box(please don’t judge but, sometimes my husband and I stay up all night and eat Ramen noodles), paint it blue and make an ocean diorama, Cat wasn’t feeling it. Really? because we could paint it blue then make fish and hang them from the top of the box-it’d look like they were swimming! Cat,”Nah, fish are kinda boring and that looks like a house…can I paint the roof blue? ” And I consented, and when I asked if she wanted to make people or animals to go inside her house?She asked if she could draw the ICarly cast. So there you go, feautured above is an Icarly house complete with Carly, Freddie and Sam. We glued the finished characters onto toliet paper rolls so they could stand up better. Next? She’s wanting to make a house for Pucca and her friends, because apparently, ninjas and the Icarly cast cannot share a house, they just can’t! You learn something new everyday.(And honestly, the fish things been done before, but an Icarly tissue roll and Ramen noodle box set? Quite possibly, not.)  🙂

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