The No poo experiment

Posted: October 14, 2010 in home life, no poo experiment
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So, I’ve decided to try this no poo thing. No, not that kind of poo- that would more then likely be really unhealthy. No poo means no shampoo- (if this works)ever again. I got the idea for this at crunchy betty’s blog:  Here’s the thing you rinse your hair with an apple -cider vinegar and water mixture instead of shampoo. You condition with baking soda in paste form. And I thought, why not? My hair is way too long, but besides that it gets oily really quickly. As an example though I washed my hair last night, this morning it’s already starting to feel kinda oily. I wash my hair every other day but I could easily do that once a day, because by the next day? Oily hair city, baby, without fail. I hate it. I’ve never found a shampoo that dint feel like it was stripping all my essential oils. Supposedly, shampoo is bad for your hair. So I’m trying this out- I don’t have too much too lose- if it drives me crazy, I’m walking away,the end. But as crunchy Betty says, most days my hair is in a ponytail anyway. And I could probably wear a hat if I had to. Anyway. So, yea- we’ll see how this goes-eeeek.

  1. Kate says:

    Okay, so I find this experiment particularly brave. Also, INTRIGUING. My hair is downright nasty if I don’t shampoo by 10:00 in the morning. It is your job to keep me posted. Don’t forget. I know where to find you. (Twitter, OBVS.)

    • squidmom says:

      Ha,hi Kate-we both know I’m definately almost always there! It’s been good so far, ok 1st time was awful, but after my 2nd my hair is behaving more. I think my hair is adjusting…

  2. Tim says:

    This is definitely worth a shot. A natural non chemical way to wash your hair can’t really hurt at all. If it works great.

  3. […] a contest or anything, but I’m dubbing it a challenge because it has been so far. Here is my first post about no poo and my second, just in case you’re […]

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