CFC Strong Women’s Conference 2010

Posted: October 13, 2010 in san angelo
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I was very lucky to be able to go to the STRONG Women’s Conference at Christian Faith Center in San Angelo, Tx this year. (Try saying that ten times fast.) I went with my sister who sponsered me, and we had a fantastic time



I used to attend Christian Faith Center many years ago, (really great church, by the way) and I’d always wanted to go to one of their women’s conferences, but something always came up. This year when I found out that my sister was looking for someone to go with her, I didn’t hesitate. mThe conference fee was $25 with early sign up, I think it was $40 after the cut off date and at the door. Child care was $10 per child, and that covered all three days of the conference, which I thought was fantastic.

Pastor Shelly Nelson hosts the three day conference. This years guest speakers were Lucinda Bloomfield from the Champion church in Yuma, Arizona and April Osteen Simmons from Highpoint church in Arlington, Texas. Shelly started off the conference and her message was really empowering, which leads me to this years theme,” STRONG”.  It was a theme that spoke to me very well and what I’ve had in my mind lately.

Lacinda Bloomfield from Yuma led the next session. She spoke of her youth and how she battled with many things including being molested as a child by a neighboring girl who was older then her and also ulcerated colitis. A very painful disorder which she was diagnosed with at the same time her mother was found to have cancer. She spoke of how God uses painful experiences to draw us closer to him. How he doesn’t cause these things to happen but that he is our strength when they do. She also spoke of her mission for prostitutes in Yuma, Arizona. Lacinda has been able to draw from her own abuse to have a heart for those who may have been in similar situations and ended up broken and being prostitutes because of it. Her mission is called Purses with Purpose. Her church collects gently used purses and fills them with toiletries that those living on the street may have need for. She said that the very act of caring about and visiting with these women is able to lead them away from their lifestyle and towards a life with God.

April Osteen Simmons is Joel Osteen’s sister, but she doesn’t harp about this. It was never even mentioned once during the entire conference. She is incredibly funny. At one point of her testimony I laughed so much that I literally cried.  I loved how her message spoke to me, she shared many things but one of the things that most touched me was what she shared about her mother. Her mother Dodi Osteen has been gifted with the power to heal and has conducted healing services for some time now. One day she was lead to do a drive through healing service. She literally stood in the parking lot of her church amid orange cones and healed each person as their car drove up to her. She felt led to do this when she thought of her own experience with cancer and how she was sometimes in too much pain to get out of the car to go to church. She got into each car and prayed for every person who needed healing individually. I was blown away with the story of this women and her faith. How God can use us if we submit ourselves to him, how I want to be used for his purpose, and how I don’t what my selfishness to get in the way of this. I cried again as she spoke about all of this, this time with a desire to do more.

This is the purse that I won!

Swag, Prizes and Fun

The conference started with each lady being given a little bag of swag as she signed in. These bags contained a lip balm, a coupon to a local restaurant, a nail kit and some candies, as well as coupons from the sponsors of the event.

The door prizes were fantastic. The first night of the conference I won a Yankee Candle gift set (coconut, yum). The last day I won…a Douney and Bourke purse. I couldn’t believe it, as I never win anything. But I’ll say this, there were many, many door prizes, at least 6 other purses, two of them coach were given away as well. My sister won a nice prize from Mary Kay.   One fun thing that happened were the games we had one night, volunteers played wrap the mummy, and blow the feather for prizes, it was hilarious to watch. A group of the women who sing for CFC did a great rendition of Shania Twain’s” I feel like A Women”, another highlight of the conference. We were treated to coffee, waters and baked goods during every session break.


What I took away from the STRONG conference:

I’m a wife and a mom number one. But these boxes sometimes feel like they suck the life out of me. I long to be more, I long to do more. This life, where I’m dependent on my husbands income alone, where I’m speaking to only children all day, it’s sometimes more then I feel up to and it sometimes feels like less then I’m capable of. Strong women that we are, and we are Strong, ladies, no matter what you do, I feel like we lose track of that sometimes. This conference helped me come to terms with that. If I’m a wife, I should be the best wife that I can be, a true partner. As much as my husband depending on me to always have a coffee or a meal or his laundry ready sometimes irritates me, it could be seen another way. My husband works from home, he focuses on his artwork and the SEO necessary for his website to be a success so much that he loses track of everything sometimes. His job starts when he wakes up, it ends right before he goes to bed, and it’s not office hours. He works his heart out because he is living his dream, his vision and if he needs me to feed him or make sure he has clothes to wear while he does this, I’m strong enough to do it. I haven’t given up on me to do this. I still do the things that are important to me at the same time. I write, I draw I’m a mother. And that last one is a big deal. I didn’t always think Id be able to be a mother. I’m the one these children rely on right now for everything. I’m the one who is largely influencing who they will be. I want to be Strong enough for that. Also, the power that comes from women coming together is incredibly strong. We should never lose the opportunity to share with each other, lean on one another.


Will I go again next year? Absolutely, I really, really enjoyed going to this conference this year. If I am able to go next year I fully intend to go. I’d love to sponsor someone myself next year, I’ve actually started to talk my niece into going with me.



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