Homegrown tomato goodness

Posted: September 25, 2010 in garden, home life
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Yes our tomates came out a little mutant this year. I’m not sure why but I grew it from an actual Roma tomato not a seed packet or a plant. I tried growing tomatoes from a seed packet and also from a store bought plant from a reputable name in the veggie world. This was the only plant that bore fruit. So I’m super happy and feeling less sad about all the gardening failures I’ve had to deal with this past season. Up to this point all I’ve been able to grow is zucchinis( which I’m told anyone can grow). Our soil is poo, or rather clay with no nutrients- if it were actual poo our garden would’ve done much better. After a whole lotta composting and reading of gardening books and also accepting that not everything can grow in the ridiculous heat that is a Texas summer- I’m feeling more confident about next spring, I may even attempt a winter garden. Who knows where my fancies will take me. What I’m really trying to say is I love you my little mutant tomatoes.


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