Biggest Loser Challenge

Posted: September 20, 2010 in weight loss

wk1: Monday- I started a Biggest Loser type Challenge with my family last Monday. This is actually the second time we’ve done this. Last year at about this time we had this same competition with almost the same people joining. I lost 15 pounds last year…sadly at the beginning of this second challenge, I weigh what I weighed at the beginning of the last challenge. I’m not naming my weights unless I lose a heck of alot of weight by the way. Although doing that might help motivate me. I’ll just say it-I’m not motivated at all this time! I really wish I was but I’m not. My husband actually joined the challenge which I thought would help but it hasn’t because he seems so blase about it too. What I mean by that is that he doesn’t seem bothered about working out other then our ridiculously slow walks with the kids where we stop every two minutes. And yet he’s lost 4 pounds! It’s enough to make me batty yet I’m still not working out round the clock. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to lose weight, I just don’t have the energy to do anything about it. So after a week of doing a Fit for Duty podcast and giving up sugar, and walking a grand total of maybe 4 miles….I’ve lost 1.5 pds!!! Yay me. Oh well, this week will be better. I’m sure. It better be.
Thursday: I ate a poached egg today for breakfast. No, not by itself, I had a slice of wheat bread and a banana. The banana was eaten this morning on it’s own when I work up starving and the cake I made last night looked tempting. Cake, even when made w applesauce and half sugar half diet sugar is not an appropiate breakfast-or so I tell myself. Anyway a poached egg is not breaking news, except when you’ve never had one before. It was more a sunny side up egg fried in water then an actual poached egg. I didn’t want to eat something that resembled an eye ball.
Anyway the thing with the poached egg is trying new things to be healthier. And also learning stuff about what we eat. Like learning how many freaking calories were in flour, 400 per cup! I know it’s crazy but it made me eat less cake I’ll tell you that. And that those turkey burgers we love so much,and thought were a healthy choice are actually loaded with fat and calories. (time to go back to soy burgers me thinks) They’re not huge things these little things discovered- but together hopefully put together they’ll equal a lifestyle change or something. I mean, we’re not getting any younger, we may as well take care of ourselves. Oh, and I’ve now lost four pounds somehow? Which is also kinda cool.

Mon.-I’ve realized that having your husband join in a weightloss challenge with you, is not always such a good thing. I’m still at 4pds lost overall, he’s in the lead of all of us because he’s lost 6pds total. We’re going by percentage, but he’s never been that big a guy, so he’s still in the lead. And that’s good, that’s the kind of thing to keep me motivated-but, him saying nah, you don’t need to go on a solo walk we’ll all (as in me,him and the kidoos) go together later-that’s the kinda thing that I’m talking about. Our together walks are lovely, but slow, they are working for him because he wasn’t excercising at all before, for me they aren’t doing enough. I expected him to push me more, but given the history of him getting whacked when he offers diet advice, I can probably understand why he’s mostly kept mum. Still, there’s always this week, right?


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