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Most of my blog posts will now be located at : http://squidmom.com/


Moon Child

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moon child

Moon Child

She was so full of light

it always spilled out,

no matter how

she tucked it in again.

And as she took her light

with her everywhere-

She somehow blended in?

A Bird in Armour

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Can a bird fly while wearing armour?
But, it can live, and can still sing
If the melodies be not as cheerful
They will be sweet, sweeter even still-
Because through song the bird feels flight again

Ive stayed far away, my friend
I’ve tried not to read your thoughts
I’ve tried not to look on your face

You are the temptation that plagues me
This shadow of obsession, it lingers
But I’ll forget or I forfiet my place

a stranger forever will you be
I’ve made more of you then you are,and
The parts of you that I search for in you
Are really only what i see lacking in me

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It’s embarrassing that I’m not sure when exactly I started the no poo method. It’s even more embarrassing because I’ve documented it, I just need to go back and check  before I update this post. I’ll get to it, I promise. I share computer time and I’m most likely about to be bumped off at any moment.

My hair has been great for the past couple days. It just has-I’m happy about this because I think I’ve exited the horrendous my hair is getting used to no shampoo phase. Good riddance, don’t come back now, ya hear?  Those days of greasy, then too dry, then greasy and stuck together hair are over. I’m likely to keep doing the baking soda/apple cider vinegar thing for good now. I’m toying with getting my daughters started on it now. I mean before they start school would probably be the best time I think. No one’s going to notice that their hair is greasy at the park, it usually get covered with sand as soon as we get there anyway.

What I found out during my no poo experience  is:  

  • Everyone says going no poo is horrible for about two weeks, they are not being overly dramatic, it is horrible.
  • Everyone says once this phase is over you are left with hair that is less greasy or lees dried out and just better–for me at least I can say my hair is way less greasy inbetween washings now then it used to be.
  • My hair does not smell like salad dressing. It doesn’t smell like anything, I’ve had husband smell it repeatedly and he refuses to smell it anymore but trust me he’d be the first to tell me if it smelled bad.

So to recap, I’m happy I tried this, I’ll more then likely be continuing to do the no poo as I’m happy with the results. It’s easy and it’s cheap and those are huge incentives for me. I’m happy to know exactly what is going into my hair, that’s worth the strange look my sister in law gave me when I tried explaining no poo to her. She was really worried about the whole “does your hair smell”  issue but wouldn’t sniff my head. Anyway…go teamnopoo! And check out my earlier posts about my experience if you are interested and check out crunchy betty’s website if you get the chance, because she’s the reason I tried this out to begin with.

Wordless wednesday post

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My theme is “You’d be home by now”, I’m following the theme as much as possible but through my ideas of what that can mean. The turtle was included because he carries his home with him, and I’m the same I think. I don’t really need a base from which to live because I live inside of myself.

 This hopefully explains the heart below. It’s also a take on “home is where the heart is” 


I wrote a part of one of my favorite Emily Dickinson poems out beside it. My notebook will probablly end up being very random, I’m very random myself after all.

This is another take on home is where your heart is- it says where ever those that I love are, there my home is also.

My last image was done as a doodle, it really wasn’t connected to this project and it was actually included in the doodle challenge, but it’s very much a part of me a part of stuff I process through my head. I have a love for broken things. I keep hold of broken china cups and tiles, waiting for the day I can mosiac them all together. Wall surfaces too, are more interesting when paint is peeling or bricks underneath become exposed. I was thinking of this one day and this thought occured to me which I treasure as part of my life philosophy. ” Beauty is still beauty when broken, it is simply beauty in another form.” I really believe that, I feel sometimes people go through stuff and they need to hear that too. It’s probably just me being weird but I went ahead and included something I sketched up while thinking about this one day. Its part of me, part of my home if that makes sense?

I’ve added other things to my sketchbook that arent here yet but I’ll post them as I finish them .